Our Songs

Below are the titles of some of our own songs – once we have recorded a track it will be upload here for listen to and downloading. We will also including links to other sites for downloading each track in the near future.

In the Mood Again

Track Info: In the Mood Again. 3:55mins

In The Mood Againby Sunset Moths
© Copyright Sunset Moths 2014 - 2020

Shadows in the Rain

Track Info: 4:37 mins. Emergence EP.

Shadows in the Rainby Sunset Moths
© Copyright Sunset Moths 2014 - 2020

Shadows in the Rain

This is an audio clip from 4th May 2019 of Shadows in the Rain on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, broadcast on the Introducing programme with Chris Berrow.

Shadows in the Rainby Sunset Moths
Radio Broadcast

Wake Alone

Track Info: Wake Alone. 4:29 mins.  Emergence EP.

Wake Aloneby Sunset Moths
© Copyright Sunset Moths 2014 - 2020

Not What I Expected

Track Info: 4:11 mins.  Emergence EP.

Not What I Expectedby Sunset Moths
© Copyright Sunset Moths 2014 - 2020

Nylon Butterfly (Demo)

Track Info: Nylon Butterfly. 4:44mins

Nylon Butterflyby Sunset Moths
© Copyright Sunset Moths 2014 - 2020


Track Info: Driftwood. 4:05mins


Track Info: Innocence (Riding in the Sunshine). 4:32mins

Stepping Stone

Track Info: Stepping Stone. 4:12mins


Track Info: Revive. 5:10mins

Veil of Black

Track Info: Veil of Black (Like a Moth to the Flame). 5:15mins

Necessary Evil

Track Info: Necessary Evil.  4:22mins

Generation Bridge

Track Info: Generation Bridge.  4:10mins

Forever Tonight

Track Info: Forever Tonight. 4:13mins

Red Roses on the River

Track Info: Red Roses on the River. 4:33mins


Track Info: Rockstar. 4:42mins

Before You Say Goodbye

Track Info: Before You Say Goodbye (Sing Goodbye). 5:25mins

Titles of some of our other songs:

You’re Impossible  |  Pain in Your Heart   |  So Sublime  |  Sixty Seconds to Go  |  Be the Miracle (Your Dignity)  |  Tokyo  |    Sailing Ships  |  If You Love Me Like You Say You Do  |  Down to the Kasbah   |  She Tells Me How it’s Gonna Be   |  All Right For You  |  Senorita  |  Wings of Change  |  Took a Little Bit of Time  |  Victory  |  Penny In Your Pocket (It’s Not Your Day)  |  Restore My Faith  |  Running On Empty  |  Still  |  Standing On A Shore (I’m Coming Back to You)  |  Oh Lord She Knows  |  How High?  |  The Tale of Uncle Dan  |  You Can’t Break Me  |  Evermore  |  Get On By  |  You Don’t Know  |  The Howling Wilderness  |  Caterpillar   ||  Stranger in Another Town  |  Nightmares  |  Autumn Rose  |  Shines Like Gold  ||  Please Come Home  |  Palace Palmedo  |  The Games You Like to Play  |  and there’s many more…

Cover songs we may play live:

Another Brick in the Wall   |  Knocking on Heaven’s Door  |  Wont Back Down  |  Free Fallin’  |  Man Who Sold the World  |  Maybe Tomorrow  |  Times Like These  |  Dock of the Bay  |  You Got the Love  |  All Right Now  |  Down-bound Train  |  My Girl  |  First Cut is the Deepest  |  Stand by Me  |  Dakota  |  Don’t Stop  |  Run to You  |  and more…