Let me say something about the Moths

Where do I start?  Hi, Hello, What’s up, How’s things… and all that *#$#!?

Now then, I will talk about music gear on here from time to time – it’ll be about guitars and basses, amps and effects, but I’ll give anything about drums a miss, Jay can do that. But to start with I’m just gonna say a few things about the Moths and how I really enjoy being part of this band – it really is good fun, even just getting together with the lads for rehearsals – Yeah good…

Though Chris, Dave and Jay had been jamming around with each other for some time, they weren’t an active band doing anything much, so I understand. But then Jay approached me back in February (2018) saying they were looking to get a band together and they needed a bass player – well, I’d been playing guitar for years, but you know what?  I thought “Yeah why not I’ll give it a go!”  And so, I popped online to purchase myself a bass – “a cracking looking Epiphone Thunderbird.” What a good choice that has turned out to be – it compliments Jay’s drum kits so well, it’s and we’re thunderous.

So with the acquisition of the Thunderbird I turned-up to the first band rehearsal in early March, and now we’re about eight months on, with almost 30 songs in our set and a few gigs in – I’m really looking forward to our next outing.  And then doing some recording of our own material – I think we’ve got some especially good songs that need to be recorded.

Anyway, with all that said, on my next blog I think I’ll talk about how I came by my bass rig set-up – until then “see ya!”