It’s all about the knobs

Hi, here goes with my first blog.

Well I’ll start by talking about my favorite subject “amps.”  Yep, those beautiful boxes of awesome sound that sit behind guitarist all over the world.

So, what do I expect from mine?

Well, firstly I’m a great fan of those classic amps like the Fender Twin Reverb with 4X12 cab underneath, Vox AC30’s and Marshall stacks of course. These amps are what we’ve all grown-up listening to and heard on thousands of classic rock tracks, for years. All the greatest guitarists have used them at some point and continue to do.

But, as good as they are they’re not that easy to cart around and they are so load that they just don’t offer a viable options for small gigs. So over the years I’ve been on a mission (like a lot of guitar players) to find a more suitable compact solution, which still delivers all those great sounds in a smaller more portable sized combo amp. Now I think I’m getting something like that with my current rig, which comprises of a Marshall DSL 40 running alongside my trusty old Gibson (1969) Super Duo Medalist / or Gibson Goldtone GA15RV – which together combine to deliver some fab tones; Dirty wound up lead with the clarity and sustain, and lovely crunch and drive – “it’s all in these.”

Now, that’s only half the story. These amps give me enough volume and the portability I need, but the real art comes from the fine adjustment and attenuation of the knobs to deliver all the tone I want. It’s about dialing in just the right amount of each tone setting, the best level reverb, etc. and balancing the two amps so that I get the best out of each.  Some guitar players like everything on “ELEVEN” (Nigal) but I like to be a little more subtle “NINE or sometimes TEN” are good for me! 🙂

Hopefully you’ll get chance to hear this in action on our next recording or if you visit one of our gigs.