We’re learning to fly!

Here’s the dilemma! Should it be, Tom Petty’s Learning to Fly, or the Foo’s Learn to Fly?

When we were putting together our set we needed to take care of how the cover songs worked along side one another and with our songs – and whether they feel like something of ours, with a synergy and the right vibe.

So, we’ve all been playing music for some years, done gigs, had a go at recording and writing songs – but we’ve only actually been formed as a band, the ‘Sunset Moths’ for a few months. In this time we’ve rehearsed a set of 35 songs, approximately a 50/50 split of our own material and covers. Now, with the covers we can listen to the original or prefer artists version, quickly lean them and there we go – we have a set. However, with our own material there’s a little more effort is required to work out all the individual parts and deciding we’re happy they are as good as possible. As they’ve never existed before, it’s not just copying, you need to get creative – make sure you’ve got a part that you’re happy with. And having said that, it’s great fun and a great sense of achievement when it all comes together and we’re finally satisfied with the result.

Well, we are now happy with the arrangements of about 15 of our songs – and they are the ones we have in our set. And or course we are eager to get them out to the world and play them to an audience. We had a very positive response to them so far, but we just want to keep up airing them to the world so more and more people get to hear them -“let them take flight” – and let us “learn to fly” as a band when performing them live.

It will be interesting to find out which ones get the best response, and how things may shape up from there. We envisage recording a few of them in the new year (2019 spring), but we’ll decide which ones from the live reactions. Though I do have a feeling which they’ll be already – and there are a few new songs which will need working on in the mean time.

Look forward to adding those and getting your feedback!

…We’ll be playing some Tom Petty and Dave Grohl compositions, but maybe neither of those flying songs – OR SHOULD WE BE?¬† ūüôā