As far as gear goes I have a medically recognised problem, G.A.S. gear acquisition syndrome. I am currently the owner of six guitars, two basses a mandolin & a ukulele. Amplifier wise I own six,” one of these lives in our studio “The Beast” as it has become known. It consists of an Ashdown ABM 500 watt head a 300 watt Ashdown 2×10 cab & a Messa Boogie 1×15 500 watt bass bin. Its a bit of a Frankenstein rig, I bought the head off my neighbour for a good price, £100! Good bloke my neighbour! It was only gathering dust in his garage anyway, no way to treat such a fine piece of kit, these things fetch £400-£500 on the web you know! The 2×10  I bought new & the Messa Boogie was in the studio from a previous incarnation that Dave had been using. So anyway we hooked it all up plugged in the mighty Thunderbird & Boom Boom shake the room! The beast was born, happy days! Here she is in all her glory.  Speak to you soon Billy.

“The Beast”